Fuller Metric Parts Ltd.

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General Information:

www.fullermetric.com - homepage for Fuller Metric Parts Ltd.

products - general listing of product lines available (Specific categories are listed below)

technical information - technical information about fasteners including thread pitch charts, material data and much more

featuring - new or featured product lines

FAQ - frequently asked questions

contact us - address, fax, phone and e-mail information

distributor - a listing of our distribution partners

Product Categories:

hex head fasteners - hex head cap screws, hex flange bolts etc.

socket head fasteners - socket head cap screws, flat head countersunk sockets etc.

washers - flat, lock, serrated etc.

nuts - hex, nylon insert etc.

machine screws - machine and sheet metal screws

rod / bars - variety of threaded rod, cold rolled bar etc.

pins / keys - dowel pins, spring pins, cotter pins, parallel keys etc.

taps / dies / tools - variety of metric taps, dies and tools

standoffs / spacers / inserts - variety of standoffs, spacers, amecoil inserts

miscellaneous fasteners - eye bolts, eye nuts, retaining rings, grease fittings and much more

imperial fasteners - variety of imperial fasteners

stainless steel - a wide range of stainless steel fasteners

brass / bronze / aluminum - a variety of brass / bronze and aluminum fasteners

nylon - a variety of nylon fasteners

assortments - a variety of fastener assortments

YFS sockets products - information on premium quality YFS brand socket products (metric & imperial)